Kristina Houser, Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist, OH #3427

I offer psychological services to adults, as individuals, couples or families. I see your life experience, relationship with chemicals, family of origin, psychological and/or physical diagnoses, as threads of the tapestry which is your life. I will provide emotional support for the discussion of whatever issues you bring; encourage self awareness, self and other understanding, and recommend tools to help you accomplish therapeutic objectives you determine.

In order to help you decide whether I might be able to help, I will share some information about myself. I earned a Ph. D. in 1982, in Community Counseling, from the School of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Ohio University. I was licensed as a Psychologist in 1985; certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985, licensed in 2006; and licensed as a Clinical Counselor in 1989. I worked at Tri-County Mental Health & Counseling, Inc. before initiating a private practice in 1985.

I have been trained in the use of relaxation techniques, meditation, imagery, EEG biofeedback, EMDR and equine facilitated therapy. I have worked with populations of sexual abuse survivors, adoption, veterans, those with an HIV+ diagnosis and substance abuse.

A therapy relationship can be difficult to initiate and it takes some time for a level of trust to emerge. I consider our work together collaborative and encourage periodic reviews of treatment objectives, goals and methods of attaining them. I want you to raise questions as issues arise and I appreciate feedback about which interventions appear to be successful and which are not.

An appointment can be scheduled with Karen White, our Office Administrator, at 740-592-5689.

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