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I am ready to listen! A professional dedicated to listening and offering compassionate alternatives for achieving and maintaining personal and emotional wellbeing, let me help you get there and show you ways to stay emotionally healthy in the future. As a mental health and addictions recovery expert, I am qualified to perform individual, couples, and group therapy sessions and to treat a variety of disorders including :

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Monday - Thursday 9-7 pm
Friday  9-4 pm

  • Anxiety & Fears
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Other addiction problems: compulsive gambling, eating disorders, sexual addiction.

By visiting my website today, www.judithsmithchild.com, you can start the first steps in living your life more fully, overcoming that first barrier to having a happier, more satisfying life. Are Judith Smithchildyou living up to your potential? Do you want to? Is there something keeping you from achieving goals, blocking your creativity, oppressing your happiness, or preventing you from feeling content? If you are ready to explore and examine yourself and take the steps to fully be you, we are ready to take your appointment and begin working with you

On this site, you will find my professional biography, learn about what professional services I provide, find contact information to book an appointment, find a forms page to download paperwork prior to your first visit and browse pictures of my professional office in Athens, Ohio.

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